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14 "Bad" Trends We're Happy Prada Revived

Let's be real, Prada did it first.

When it comes to fashion (or anything, really), it's probably best not to make objective value judgements. Are all-white, Jerry Seinfeld-esque sneakers good or bad? Who can say for sure? (For the record, I'm voting "seriously good" on that one.)

That said, some fashion trends get a bad rap, usually because they're nostalgic for a moment that hasn't become "cool" again in the cycle of fashion. For example, '90s monogram streetwear is totally appropriate in 2014, but '00s low-rise jeans…well, we're not quite there yet.

Leading the pack on making "bad" trends good again is Miuccia Prada. She somehow manages to incorporate oddball elements of bad taste or kitsch into her collections to make rainbow furs and bejeweled Teva-styled sandals seem like the most fashionable items ever.

While the origin of her secret powers of trendsetting is not fully known, her abilities are proven to work. Case in point: The most recent Prada spring 2015 menswear collection, which was peppered with coordinating women's looks. Motifs throughout the collection included both contrast stitching and leather-trimmed jeans, two '00s trends that I never thought would make a comeback, let alone make one on a Prada runway. But, as with all Prada items, these pieces are sure to been seen on street style stars come Fashion Week, propelling the trends back into fashion's good graces. 

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So in the spirit of "bad" fashion becoming "good," here are all the things Miuccia Prada has made trendy again at Prada, starting with topstitching and ending with knit onesies, as one does. 

Photos: Imaxtree