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The Prettiest Party Dresses of Resort 2015

Why not start your holiday party planning early?

Resort has gotten bigger and bigger recently, with more designers staging full-on runway shows and presentations and shooting proper lookbooks than in years past. At this point, there are nearly as many resort collections as there are main-season collections -- it's a lot to sort through. 

On top of it all, there are some major thematic variations. Since resort clothes start hitting the floor in October/November, many designers choose to focus their collections around holiday dressing. In contrast, some design clothes for vacations -- and others, still, focus on basic wardrobe updates. 

To narrow things down a bit, we've decided to highlight just the 2015 resort season's prettiest party dresses. So if you don't feel like sifting through a million collections -- and you're a dress girl -- you can skip the rest and just breeze through the slideshow above.

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