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'Vogue' Spoofs Rihanna and Anna Wintour's Text Message Conversations

We're surprised Wintour doesn't use the side eye emoji more often.

It should be pretty clear by now that, however unlikely it may seem, Anna Wintour is a big fan of Rihanna. The Vogue editor has put RiRi on the cover three times over the past few years (the first was in April 2011) and presented her with the Fashion Icon Award at the CFDAs on Monday night. 

In her heartfelt speech, Wintour sung the praises of Rihanna's fearless approach to fashion, and in closing, calls the singer her "tweeting buddy." While we can't actually imagine these two having any sort of digital communication, Vogue apparently could. So, in a fashion-y twist on the "Texts with Hillary" meme that was so popular in the spring of 2012, they created this video to give us a glimpse into their private (and, sadly, fictional) text message conversations. 

As it turns out, Wintour is just as frank with her fashion advice over iMessage as she is in the Vogue offices, and to our delight, she has perfected the use of the red dress/dancer emoji. Watch the Rihanna/Wintour fan fiction come to life in the video above.

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