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Rihanna's Fragrance Ads Ruled Too 'Provocative' for U.K. Kids

Rihanna, "provocative" and "sexually suggestive?" Never!

It seems Rihanna can't stay out of the headlines -- even when she's not wearing a see-through gown

The U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority has just placed a partial ban on the ad for the pop star's Rogue fragrance, following a complaint -- presumably made by Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar -- that it is "provocative" and "sexually suggestive." 

Rihanna, provocative and sexually suggestive? Never!

As per the ruling, the graphic -- which depicts Riri doing a high-heeled bicycle kick topless (yet completely covered) -- may now be posted only in restricted areas to "reduce the possibility of it being seen by children." Because lord knows that no kid in the U.K. has ever been online, gone on Instagram, or hey, stood in a grocery store and been visually assaulted by anything even remotely similar.

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