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Marc Jacobs's New Fragrance Gets 'The Virgin Suicides' Treatment

What else did you expect from a Sofia Coppola-directed TV spot?

Few designer-muse relationships are as fruitful as the one between Marc Jacobs and Sofia Coppola. She's appeared in his ad campaigns, sat front row at his fashion shows, worn his designs to premieres, collaborated with him on handbags at Louis Vuitton and, most importantly, directed short films for his Marc Jacobs Daisy perfumes. 

The duo's latest project together might be their most exciting yet. (OK, after their slumber parties. Those definitely take the cake in terms of wow-factor.) 

Thursday saw the online premiere of a Coppola-directed TV ad for Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream, the latest in the Daisy perfume line. Starring Antonia Wesseloh, the video is basically an abbreviated remake of "The Virgin Suicides," plus Sleigh Bells music, minus the film's very tragic ending. Rolling in a field of daisies? Check. A girl's face fading into the sky? Check. The only thing really missing is Josh Hartnett looking like a '70s stunner. 

Maybe there's a director's cut?

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