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The Cutest Lightweight PJs Under $100 for Those Hot Summer Nights

For those times when sleeping naked just isn't an option.
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I'll just come right out and say it: I love sleeping naked. Especially when it's super hot out and you don't have an A/C or even a fan -- hoorah for budget living! -- just the idea of having any extra fabric on my person is enough to make me sweat bullets.

But there are also those times when lounging around in your birthday suit just isn't the most appropriate option. Say, when your street-facing apartment windows are wide open, or when your family comes to visit. Don't be naked during those times.

But instead of sulking about being clothed, you should take the opportunity to wear super cute, summery pajamas! I've rounded up some awesome options in three categories: Short sets, sleep shirts and nighties. If you're anything like me (that is, obsessed with all things adorable and vaguely reminiscent of "Little Women"), you're going to have a tough time not buying them all. Especially because everything in this post is under $100.

Now go put away your gross old college tee and gym shorts and get clicking! 

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Nothing makes you feel like an actual adult quite like a matching PJ set. There's just something about wearing a collared top and shorts to go to sleep that says, "Oh yeah. I TOTALLY make my bed in the morning."


Nighties and night gowns tend to get lumped into Grammy territory -- but IMO, there's something super sexy about wearing a prim little negligee in the summertime. Just trust me on this.


If your style leans more to the casual/tomboyish side, a sleep shirt is your best option. No pants, no problem. Bonus: Most of these can double as a tunic or shirt dress out in public.