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Tanya Taylor Partners With Instagram Artist Kalen Hollomon on Coolest Lookbook Ever

Mixed media artist Kalen Hollomon recently completed his second major fashion collaboration, and it probably won't be his last.

With more and more designers showing resort collections every season, it can be pretty difficult for any one collection to make a lasting impression. Plus, the point of resort is typically more to meet demand from retailers than to generate press, at least traditionally, though that may be starting to change.

For her first-ever resort collection, buzzy up-and-comer Tanya Taylor (celebs like Rashida Jones and Jessica Alba wear her designs) decided to do something different. 

Taylor's collection was inspired by artist Kalen Hollomon, who is known for his collage art that features "unorthodox combinations that explore commerce, fashion, gender identity and taboo," as he puts it. So, she decided to reach out to him and the two wound up collaborating on her lookbook.

While Hollomon studied fine art and does offline studio work, he's risen to popularity thanks to Instagram, where he posts different types of collage-like images shot with his phone, some of which feature him holding a cut-out in front of a real-life setting, usually in New York City. Fashion editorials are often involved. The effect is pretty awesome, as his 15,000+ followers can attest. "My Instagram feed started as a less serious, almost journal-like reflection of the art I was making at the time," Hollomon explained. "Instagram gave these less refined ideas a home and an opportunity to be viewed, but at this point everything is merging into one, hopefully cohesive body."

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Vogue even caught on. The fashion bible collaborated with Hollomon on one of its #VogueInstaFashion projects, for which he shot cut-outs of Paris Fashion Week runway looks against NYC backdrops. The results appeared on Vogue's Instagram.

"For some reason, what I was doing seemed to resonate with people in the fashion world from the beginning, even before Instagram," he said. Meanwhile, fellow Instagram artist Daniel Arnold and fashion publicist Andrew Young were, unbeknownst to Hollomon, pushing his name to their contacts at Vogue. "I think my projects with Vogue added some legitimacy to what I was doing in the eyes of a lot of people."

Clearly, Tanya Taylor was one of them. Their shoot spanned most of Manhattan -- from 65th Street down to Battery Park. "As I walked, I shopped around the city for situations that meshed well with the poses and graphic elements of Tanya’s collection. The idea was to keep moving and look for the right moments to present themselves."

As it happens, the clothes themselves are pretty great, too. There are graphic and three-dimensional elements, perhaps directly inspired by Hollomon's work, as well as preppy-cool, short-sleeve sweaters with Chevron stripes, flirty crop tops and full skirts in an organza-like (but more wearable) nylon grosgrain, and some truly great coats and jackets. Click through the gallery to see it all.

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