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9 Tennis Trends That Work On and Off the Courts

Other than swooning over Andy Roddick…because that works everywhere.
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While the World Cup might be the most popular sporting event of the summer, we think it's safe to say that Wimbledon is the one with the most fashion cred.

From the fans who sit court side, including Anna Wintour and David Beckham, to the players who model fashion-forward garments on the courts, tennis definitely has the most Vogue appeal of all sports. (Don't even get us started on how many times Roger Federer has appeared in Vogue.)

In fact, many contemporary fashion trends originated on the courts, from kilted skirts to deep-V sweaters like that Rag & Bone one you've been seeing everywhere. 

So why not try out some of the best tennis fashion trends in honor of the Wimbledon finals next week? (P.S. Sorry, catsuits, you didn't make the cut.) 

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