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Tom Ford Says He's Given Up Botox Since Becoming a Dad

Plus, what he thinks about Gucci's direction these days (or lack thereof).

A Tom Ford interview never fails to beget a series of gems, from disturbingly true statements about the fashion industry to dishy tidbits about his own career, with the occasional insight into his personal life.

His latest, with WWD's Bridget Foley, is no exception. Reflecting on his lengthy career ahead of tonight's CFDAs, where he'll receive the Lifetime Achievement Award, Ford clarified how aging and maturing means different things when you're Tom Ford, versus a normal person.

For Ford, a big life-changer has been having his son, Jack, which he said has forced a few other things to fall by the wayside, including his ambition and his appearance. Yes, Ford may look a bit closer to his real age (52) at tonight's event. "Since we’ve had Jack I haven’t had a Botox injection or a filler. I haven’t had time."

He also says that this award has been one of those moments that reminds him of his age. Here, he recalls the last of these instances: "I was on a set with two models, a male model and a female. I thought in my head, 'These are people I could probably sleep with.' And then I heard one of them refer to me as old — I was 38 years old. It was one of those little milestones that made me think, 'OK, I’m this age. I am old enough to be their father.'"

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He's also realized that he has to participate in the immediacy of the web, something he tried to avoid by keeping his first couple of shows super secret and super exclusive, attempting to prevent photos from coming out until the clothes were in stores. "I failed. I tried to change that. I wasn’t anti-Internet. I was anti-seeing something six months in advance," he told Foley. "If you can make it available immediately, then yes, yes, of course it makes total sense. I was just looking through a retail magazine and I saw something I loved when it came out [on the runway]. Now it feels old, and it’s only now being shipped to the store. The look feels photographed and worn. But I failed. It’s a part of popular culture I can’t not participate in. Once I reached a certain scale, I had to go along with it."

Ford also looks back on his tenure at Gucci, where he left an indelible mark — maybe too indelible, in fact: "At Gucci, they’re clearly looking at my archives," he says. "I’ll look and say, 'Oh, I remember that, I remember that.' But I don’t feel attached to it anymore; it feels less personal. I don’t feel a strong personality in that brand."

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