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Tyler's Dreamy Summer Dress

Because, seriously, it HAS to get warm soon, right?!

I used to shop at Banana Republic, like, ALL. THE. TIME. I was a substitute teacher during college and the store's polished workwear gave me a more authoritative air than I was capable of exuding on my own. 

Since starting to work in fashion, where my wardrobe is less restricted, my Banana Republic buys have slowed down significantly. But my Mom, who works in education herself, still loves its stuff. So when I went home for a visit last week, we went shopping in Orlando together -- a tradition of ours -- and I popped in to help her pick out a few pieces. 

Then I saw this dress at the front of the store. It wasn't anything special on the hanger, but I am in desperate need of more easy dresses for the heat and this one looked like it would fit the bill, so I decided to try it on. 

I'm so glad I did. It's basically my ideal summer dress: It's got pockets (!!!!! SO IMPORTANT !!!!!) and the back is cut open in a subtle way that lets in a breeze while still allowing me to wear a bra. I like that the drawstring at the waist lends a sporty vibe, but it's also surprisingly easy to dress up for a night out. 

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