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Victoria Beckham Reveals What She Wore on Her 1st Date With David

See the dress that won David Beckham's heart.

Twitter moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and scroll around for a while, you could miss something... like THIS incredible gem of a tweet from Victoria Beckham. Thursday morning, the designer shared a photo of what she claims to be the dress she wore on her first date with then-future husband David.

The dress has TONS of terrific qualities: It's short -- really short. It's suede. It's kind of orangey. It has an attached, matching belt with a gigantic, round, silver buckle -- and modern-day Posh could probably swim laps in it.

But perhaps best of all, it's familiar! That's because, as any well-versed Spice Girls aficionado will tell you, VB (who, at the time, went by Victoria Adams) wore this very same ensemble in some promo images for that cinematic masterpiece, "Spice World." (No joke, I'm actually looking at a mini cardboard cutout of VB in the dress on my desk as I type. Hoarders, unite!)

Who knew the sartorial key to David Beckham's heart in the late '90s was the same one that unlocked those of a billion rabid pre-teen girls? Or that Posh Spice was so sentimental? Aww.

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