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The New 'Yahoo Beauty' Is Up and Running: Here's What to Expect

The new "digital magazine" is all about original photography and good feels, says managing editor Britt Aboutaleb.

The day has finally arrived: The newly rebooted Yahoo Beauty is up and running, and filled with how-to's, interviews and personal essays. Powered by Tumblr, the website is one of the "digital magazines" that Yahoo is launching. The beauty site falls under the direction of editor-in-chief Bobbi Brown, and according to Brown's righthand woman/managing editor (and former Fashionista editor) Britt Aboutaleb, the website very much adheres to the makeup artist's welcoming, comfortable approach to beauty.

Above all else, the main goal of Yahoo Beauty is to encourage women to feel good about themselves, Aboutaleb says. Topics will range from food to drink to exercise and, of course, actual beauty products. There will also be some content pulled from affiliate partners like Elle. Expect to see a lot of original photography, too. Many of the products, Gifs and tutorials will be shot in-house, which is feasible thanks to Yahoo's resources, as well as Brown and Aboutaleb's connections within the industry. 

Not to mention, high production value could have a big payoff for the site, since all of the stories are on Tumblr cards, and beautiful posts tend to get shared around the Tumblr-sphere much more. As a rep for Yahoo noted, content on the digital magazines tend to get shared more than content from the company's other properties. 

Right now the team is small, but Aboutaleb says it's growing. Suffice it to say, we're looking forward to seeing where this one goes in the long run — it's only a day old, after all. 

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