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Ariana Grande Covers 'Seventeen,' Lion-Destroyed Denim Exists, Everyone Wants A Buzz Cut

Because nothing feels as good as jeans that have been mauled by an animal....

The September issues are trickling in. Ariana Grande fronts Seventeen with her signature hairdo and tween style intact. (May the record show she is 21.) Inside the glossy, she takes selfies with a Moschino-clad iPhone and discusses her insecurities and her relationship with her family. {Seventeen}

Don't be surprised if you find yourself at the hair salon requesting a Demi Moore-in-"G.I. Jane" buzz cut soon. Vanessa Friedman discusses the rise of the cropped 'do, citing Gisele Bündchen in Balenciaga's fall ads and Charlize Theron in the new "Max Mad" movie as arbiters of the trend. {New York Times}

Not satisfied with human-destroyed denim? The New Yorker rounded up some wild ways you can rip up your jeans, including (but not limited to) letting lions play with them and duct taping them to your tires. Yes, really. {New Yorker}

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