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Lauren's Spare Summer Slides

Minimalism at its easiest (and most affordable).

J.Crew's Camden sandals are easily among the best purchases I made this summer. Simple, easy to wear and in tune with 2013-2014's love of minimalism (and my 2013-2014 love of white and navy), they've been everywhere from work to the beach to press dinners almost every day, and they look about as good as the day I bought them.

As much as I favor navy, it's not every day that I want to wear a sandal of that hue, particularly if the rest of my outfit is all-white, all-black or a mix of grays. And so, in my quest to find a light-color alternative to the Camden (which only comes in navy and a coppery tan), I settled on these excellently priced white leather slides from Asos. At first, I was a little nervous the slides (and slides in general) wouldn't stay on my feet through my multi-mile walks across Manhattan, but I haven't had any trouble with that so far.

Asos federal leather slides, $38.11, available at Asos.

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