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Aubrey Plaza Reminds Us She Can Do Pretty

We love funny women, and we love them even more when they pull a look like this out to surprise us.

We're so used to seeing Aubrey Plaza play deadpan women who are more or less disinterested in fashion — like April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation — that sometimes we forget just how, well, hot she is.

Then she shows up looking like she did at the "Life After Beth" screening in New York on Wednesday and we're like, "Oh yeah! You're funny and super hot!" This dress by New York label Honor is pretty much perfect for her. It's ladylike, but thanks to the interesting sheer detail and sweetheart neckline at the top, it's not too aging. (It could also use a bit of a steaming, but really, this fabric is near impossible to wear without wrinkling.)

Plaza really pulls off the hair and makeup here, which is again elegant without being matronly. She's also wearing metallic pumps similar to those that Keira Knightley was wearing around town while promoting "Begin Again," which just confirms that I'm in desperate need of metallic pumps, obviously. 

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