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Belgian Soccer Fan Lands and Loses L'Oreal Contract, Cara Delevingne Campaigns for Nipples, Emma Watson Crushed Couture Week

All the fashion news you need to know from this week.

The Beautiful Game: All it took was a few seconds of looking really, really ridiculously good on the Jumbotron during a World Cup match, and 17-year-old Belgium fan Axelle Despiegelaere became Internet famous. Recognizing a viral opportunity when it saw one, L'Oreal offered Despiegelaere a modeling contract.

Drop It Like It's Hot: Unfortunately, Despiegelaere's modeling days with L'Oreal were short-lived... like, two-days-long short-lived. The teenager posted an Instagram photo of herself with a dead gazelle she had hunted with a fairly tasteless caption about "hunting Americans today," which was enough to make L'Oreal question her potential as a spokesmodel.

Leather and Lace: Without contest, Emma Watson won front row dressing at Paris Haute Couture Week. The actress and newly minted UN Goodwill ambassador was a rock n' roll angel at the Valentino show in a black lace crop top and skirt topped with a leather jacket and a single statement earring. No one — we repeat no one — could make this look as classy as Watson did.

Activism: Cara Delevingne is the latest celebrity to jump on the Free the Nipple campaign, taking to Instagram with a male friend to spell out (in marker, on her chest) exactly why it's unfair that men can show their nipples in public and not women.

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Maternity Couture: The Chanel Couture show was a relatively tame affair, although Karl Lagerfeld couldn't help but throw in some buzzy casting choices to mix things up. Among the models were Kendall Jenner and a very (very) pregnant Ashleigh Good, who closed out the show as the Chanel bride. 

Au Naturale: Following in Aerie's footsteps, Bongo is the latest teen brand to forego retouching in an ad campaign featuring Vanessa Hudgens. Of course, when you combine a beautiful person with beautiful lighting, a professional photographer and hair and makeup teams, you're not going to get a bad shot. That's why we love Bongo for ditching the PhotoShop when it really isn't necessary.

Mogul: We love Ellen DeGeneres for her sunny personality and whip-smart sense of humor, but can she sell product? We're about to find out, since the talk show host is teaming up with Chris Burch to launch a lifestyle brand.

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