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5 Bathing Suit Trends to Try This Summer

The season is now in full swing, so make sure your beach-ready wardrobe is complete.

We're all getting ready to pack up and head out to the beach (or somewhere generally sunny) this 4th of July weekend, so it's no surprise that we have swimwear on the brain. There are few clothing choices that are as personal as your bathing suit: They typically show way more skin than you're used to, and finding the right fit for your body type can prove to be quite tricky — trust me, I've been there.

Luckily, swimwear trends have strayed from the ubiquitous string bikini that ruled the shores for much of the '00s. The market is filled with options for women of every shape and sensibility, from semi-conservative (yet classic) one-pieces to sporty separates to suits that are so wild that we aren't even sure how we should classify them.

Before you hit the road for the holiday weekend, shop our favorite bathing suits of the season right here. And a friendly reminder: don't forget the sunscreen!

The classic one-piece: You really can't go wrong with this one. The clean, preppy summer staple is back in a big way this season, making this old-school choice feel fresh again.

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The not-so-classic bikini: Say so long to your string bikini. This season's options have mesh, ruffles, laces and other details that will certainly have heads turning as you walk down the beach.

The cut-out: Who says you need to wear a two-piece to look sexy on the beach? One of the most popular swim styles this season is the cut-out suit, which shows skin where you might not expect it.

The sporty suit: Coinciding with the rise of fitness-inspired fashion, these swimsuits are both highly functional and of-the-moment.

The wild card: Some of the swimsuits on the market right now are so unique that we aren't sure how to classify them, so why not just make that call for yourself.