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Audrey Tautou Quietly Ruled the Red Carpet This Week

How do we become this innately chic? How?

Audrey Tautou might not be a "style star" in the way that, say, Diane Kruger and Alexa Chung are, but that's mainly because we don't see her as much, presumably because she doesn't see parading around at events she doesn't need to be at as part of her job.

Also, unlike some of those ubiquitous celebrities, she subscribes to a quieter, more French approach to style that feels refreshingly innate. The outfits she wore to promote her film "Mood Indigo" this week -- a Dolce & Gabbana white lace dress, a Prada frock with purple accents and a polka dot blouse paired with flats -- were simple but so chic. She even wore the same red strappy heels twice in a row, which we think is the coolest.

Elsewhere in red carpet land, Kate Hudson looked awesome in a vampy Michael Kors look, Margaret Qualley (the daughter in new HBO series "The Leftovers") proved herself a style star in the making and Emma Stone was just absolute perfection as usual. See it all in the gallery above.

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