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Eliza's Bomber For the Overly Air-Conditioned Office

Why is it so cold in here???

Summer in New York is equal parts joy and misery. Joy, because everyone is always down to have beers on a rooftop somewhere; misery, because it's so damn hot out. The flip side of the heat issue is that office buildings tend to crank the air conditioning up to arctic levels, meaning one minute you're sweating through your clothes and the next, that sweat has frozen on your skin.


To deal with the corporate chill, I have started leaving a lightweight bomber jacket at work as my "office jacket." It's great for a few reasons: First, because having designated office clothing gets me in the mood to work, which is how I imagine old-timey accountants feel about their visors and armbands. Second, because I don't freeze to death.

Mine is navy, but I like this blush-toned one from Splendid since it's a bit more summery. The nice thing about soft bombers — especially those bought a size or two too big — is that they have a casual, easy fit, and slip on easily over whatever you were already wearing without making too big of a statement.

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Splendid Palmas Bomber Jacket, $168, available at Shopbop.