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Cara Delevingne's September 'Vogue' UK Cover Looks Familiar

It's her third cover for the magazine in the last 18 months, but that's not why.

Vogue UK seems to have a formula for choosing its cover stars: Figure out who sells copies (and, of course, represents the Vogue UK brand) and put her on the cover as often as possible. We have to assume that's why Kate Moss has 34 covers under her belt, and why Cara Delevingne is quickly catching up.

The ubiquitous Brit sports a '60s cat eye and a look from Nicolas Ghesquiere's debut Louis Vuitton collection on the magazine's all-important September issue, its largest ever at 460 pages. Mario Testino lensed the '60s-themed shoot, which, strangely, was also the theme of Delevingne's American Vogue shoot from July, in which she actually wears the exact same Vuitton look, and the same hair and makeup. Was it the same shoot?

It's not uncommon for international editions of magazines to reuse the same images, but it seems odd that a magazine as important as Vogue UK would do that for an issue as important as September.

One thing's for sure: That Louis Vuitton collection is going to be everywhere this fall.

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