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See the Full Chanel Fall 2014 Campaign

The first rule of Chanel club: You don't talk about Chanel club.
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It's safe to say that Chanel's supermarket extravaganza was the highlight of Paris Fashion Week... and maybe all of Fashion Month. But when it came time to create the ad campaign for Karl Lagerfeld's #normcore collection, Chanel ditched the aisle and turned to the ring. 

While we can't say for sure why the brand felt that a boxing ring would be the ideal setting for its Boy bags and lock necklaces, the results are pretty captivating. Cara Delevingne does her best Rocky impression at the bench press, while Binx Walton goes full Tyler Durden with her mirror reflection. Then they both hit the street for a quick jog in Chanel sneakers and tweed suits. The photos will make your Lululemon activewear feel a little less than.

The images also do a great job of showing off Chanel's pastel offering for fall, highlighting the handbags in several shots and the branded accessories in others. It's definitely the most relatable Chanel campaign of late -- did anyone really get that space knitters thing? -- but still makes us miss the staunchness of Chanel ads past. What's your take? Tell us in the comments. 

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