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Everything You Need to Know About Collarbone Contouring

First of all: Yes, it's a thing.

At our "How I'm Making It In Fashion" conference a few weeks ago, the editors and speakers were treated to makeup sessions with Smashbox's National Artistry Trainer, Laura Schierhorn. (Examples of her fantastic work on us here.) While I was sitting in her chair and picking her brain about red carpet makeup and the best way to cover blemishes (a never-ending quest of mine), the talk turned to "bridal clavicle contouring." Huh. 

Clavicle (aka your collarbone) contouring is a makeup technique that you're probably not going to use everyday, unless perhaps you're a ballerina or walk the red carpet for a living. Schierhorn first learned the technique before she became a makeup artist, in her previous life as a professional dancer. "You’d manipulate makeup when you were in a certain costume so you could essentially see your lines better from stage," she told me. While highlighting the clavicular zone doesn't make you look skinnier, per se, it can make you look more "lifted," according to Schierhorn. Regardless, if dancers do it, I'm all for it. 

Since it's essentially stage makeup, it makes sense to pull out this trick during moments when you, quite literally, need to shine: your wedding, a red carpet event, or anytime you'll be photographed with your chest and shoulders exposed. However, since it's the season of exposed collarbones, feel free to do this the next time you throw on something strappy to head out for drinks.

Here's how you do it:

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• The two keywords here are "hydrating" and "luminosity." You're looking for a glow. Schierhorn mixes some Prtty Peaushun -- that weirdly named, Gwyneth Paltrow-approved, makeup-artist-created body makeup -- with a moisturizer. The Prtty Peaushun (which is essentially like a BB cream for the body) has a bit of glow to it, and it comes in several color options. Slather that all over the exposed area. "That will enhance your color," Schierhorn says.

• Next, it's time to give your neglected clavicles the attention they deserve.  Find a face highlighter one shade lighter than your skin. Schierhorn uses Smashbox's Halo Highlighting Wand -- it has a "click pen" design that makes it easy to use. "I’ll apply it literally right on top of the collarbone so that it's popping up a little bit and it gives a beautiful, really ethereal contrast," she said.  "It just looks very regal and really pretty."

Bonus tip for overall décolletage attractiveness: If you've spent a bit too much time worshiping the sun's evil, seductive rays and have some leatheriness or spots on your chest, you may as well take care of that while you're highlighting your clavicles. Schierhorn recommends using a luminizing primer all over your chest to make that area look smooth and glowy.

Now be prepared for the collarbone compliments to start flowing.