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Dakota Fanning Sparkles for 'Town & Country,' Daily Candy Founder Talks Failure, David Beckham Strips Down

That last one got your attention, eh?

Dakota Fanning covers the August issue of Town & Country, and the magazine did an amazing job making those baby blues pop. In the accompanying interview, Fanning says that she was "an exceptionally mature child" and says she's always going to keep her private life private. {Town & Country}

In a very candid interview with Inc., Daily Candy founder Dany Levy talks about where the business went wrong and why Comcast screwed everything up. "It was like watching a train wreck," Levy confesses. It definitely serves as a warning story for other businesses in the field. {Inc.}

David Beckham's latest ad campaign for H&M is here. He is shirtless and wet. We may or may not be drooling over our keyboards right now. Sorry to objectify your husband, Victoria. {Harper's Bazaar}

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