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Daria Werbowy Shot a Selfie Campaign for Equipment

File to: I Want to Be a Werbowy.

Our favorite ad campaigns are always the most unexpected ones, from Lanvin's Campbell family affair to Givenchy's insider extravaganza. So you can imagine our excitement when we saw Equipment's fall 2014 campaign made up of self portraits of Daria Werbowy. 

A selfie campaign isn't exactly a new idea (Rag & Bone has been doing it for years), but Werbowy's feels especially fresh, probably because she has some real world photography cred. She was given free rein to photograph and style herself in the brand's sumptuous shirting, and chose to create eight different characters to embody -- all of which are probably way cooler than we'll ever be. No really, see four of Werbowy's photographs in the slideshow above. 

As far as branding goes, we think Equipment really nailed this campaign. Werbowy is known for her laid back style that perfectly showcases Equipment's designs. Be honest, after looking at the photos, you really want a silk shirt, right?

Perhaps the best part of the campaign is the video, which shows Werbowy at her house in Ireland dancing, playing air guitar and giving herself a haircut (see below). So if you didn't want to drape yourself in Equipment shirts before based on the photos, you will now. 

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