Dark Lips Are Hard, But They Don't Have to Be

Treat your dark lips with love, guys.
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I love the look of a dark, wine-stained lip (just not on a first date as already established). 

The problem is that, unlike other lip colors, you can't just slap on a dark lipstick and call it a day. No, my friends — that dark lipstick needs tender care and attention so you don't look like some loon running around town with purple stains around your mouth because your lipstick bled everywhere.

When I finally decided to commit to my "cold winter power bitch" look last season, I checked for a video from makeup artist/lipstick whisperer Lisa Eldridge for tips and tricks on how to properly werk the lewk, and was not disappointed. It's the perfect way to get a nice, clean dark lip that lasts. 

Homepage image: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images