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You Need to See Diane Kruger's Braid-Within-a-Braid (and Mary Katrantzou Dress)

Kruger mesmerizes us with her perfection once again.

As per usual, Diane Kruger killed it on the red carpet Monday evening, pairing an awesome fall 2014 Mary Katrantzou dress with a Charlotte Olympia clutch and Stuart Weitzman nudist heels for the season two premiere of "The Bridge," a show I will likely never watch.

We're obsessed with the dress's quirky symbols like street signs, crests and smiley faces, but we might be even more obsessed with Kruger's equally clever hairdo.

Kudos to the Getty photographer who was able to appreciate the brilliance of this hair masterpiece, which appears to be some sort of French braid with some hair left around the outside that was then used to make another braid...a braid within a braid, if you will.

Excuse us while we spend the next six hours trying to do this ourselves.

Update: And now we can. Kruger's hairstylist Kylee Heath gave us the scoop on how to recreate this hairstyle, and it's easier than it looks. Heath said the inspiration came from something Kruger said she'd seen in a runway show and that they both wanted to complement the dress with something equally cool and bold. She insists that as long as you know how to French braid, you can do it at home:

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“First, I sprayed Leonor Greyl Spray Structure Naturelle from roots through ends and rough dried the hair, blowing it in all directions. Then, I created a part from the top of left ear, straight over the head, to the top of the right ear. I broke the section into two, creating a center part and clipped away both sections. Starting at the back of the center part, I then created two partings creating a triangle section in the back.

The left over hair on either side of the triangle was also then clipped away leaving only the triangle section unclipped. I did an inside out French braid (cornrow) on the triangle section and secured at the base of the neck with a clear rubber band.

Next, I took down the clipped away sections. I gave the roots a light tease for volume, lightly pulled them back and created a loose French braid (over the top of the triangle sectioned cornrow).

Braiding the hair until only about 2 1/2 in was left, I secured with a clear rubber band and lightly loosened up the braid.

I finished the look with Kevin Murphy Strong Hold Hairspray and Easy Rider.”