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Dov Charney Reportedly Visited An American Apparel Store, Possibly Breaching His Suspension Contract

Why, Dov? Why?

Dov Charney just couldn't stay away. The ousted American Apparel founder was spotted at a company store on East Houston Street in Manhattan Monday night. The visit was not only odd, but also an apparent violation of the terms of his suspension from his role as president and CEO -- it's stipulated in Charney's termination notice that he may not visit any company facilities.

The whole visit was caught on film and then, of course, Instagrammed by Russ & Daughters (a nearby restaurant) employee Jen Snow, who posted and tweeted the photos on Monday evening (h/t to BuzzFeed, which posted a leaked copy of said termination notice last month, for breaking it out). Frankly, we're impressed that Snow managed to get the footage in the first place, since Charney appears to have caught sight of her.

When we swung by the store on Tuesday — it seemed like a nice afternoon for a walk — a store employee told us that the manager declined to comment and wouldn't confirm whether or not Charney had been on the premises. Okay.

If Charney was in fact in the store and the American Apparel board chooses to pursue this as a breach of contract, he's making any chance of reinstatement as president and CEO even more of an uphill battle than it already is. Per his contract, he can't be officially fired from those positions for 30 days after his suspension, which took place June 18.

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