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How to Perk Up Your Eyebrows in One Easy Step

And also cover up your roots.

Everyone loves a creative hack. In the beauty world, there are tons of time-saving, money-saving ways to re-purpose products, plus techniques you can try that don't require you to have the makeup brush prowess of Pat McGrath. For this weekly feature, we will pick the brains of beauty's best and brightest to try to make your life easier.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting budding wellness guru (and contributing editor for Vogue UK and the Sunday Times), Calgary Avansino. While we chatted about juice cleanses and new workouts, today's beauty hack has nothing to do with your well-being -- it has to do with your eyebrows. 

Dhani already did a thorough job trying out brow-enhancing products, but Calgary had one more idea to put on your radar the next time your brows desperately need help: She has been known to grab one of those grey-covering hair mascaras that are meant to cover your roots, and swipe a bit on her brows. Instant Delevingne-ification

I was tempted to try this after noticing in a recent picture that my brows look way too light and anemic, but sadly all I had was this hot pink hair mascara (which is fun and completely washes out, in case you're in the market for temporary Techincolor hair). Something like this would be more appropriate for your brows, though. 

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