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Bold Brow Trend Leads to Huge Spike in Eyebrow Makeup Sales

Call it the Cara Delevingne effect.

Bold eyebrows are one of the surprisingly enduring beauty trends of the past few years. It's been about half a decade since the look began to gain popularity amongst models and celebrities and, eventually, the general public. And it's still very much a thing.

In fact, the popularity of the strong brow has translated into big bucks for beauty companies. According to NPD Group, eyebrow makeup was the fastest-growing category of eye makeup in the 12 months ending March 2014. That period saw a 28 percent increase in prestige eyebrow makeup sales, which is pretty nuts when you consider that the total U.S. prestige makeup market only grew three percent in that time. Eyebrow makeup now brings in $122 million annually and makes up 11 percent of total eye makeup sales.

Interestingly, it's not just the big brands like MAC and Clinique that are making bank. Anastasia Cosmetics, which made a name for itself in the eyebrow sphere even before this trend started to have legs, is now the bestselling eyebrow makeup brand in three of the U.S.'s four geographic regions (West, South, Northeast, Central), and Benefit Cosmetics, also known for its brow products, is among the top three brands in the West.

The lesson of the story? If you're a beauty brand and you're not making an awesome brow product, you should probably get on that ASAP. This trend is probably here to stay, though it is worth noting that bleached brows were pretty popular last fashion month.

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