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Fashion #Fitspo: Plank 3 Ways for Enviable Abs

Take your side plank to the next level with these dynamic moves.

Fitness is definitely having a moment in fashion. Since many of us here at Fashionista are also fitness buffs, this suits us just fine. All summer long we'll be featuring different trainers who will showcase their signature workout moves via GIF. Best of all, we're dressing them in some of our favorite activewear brands -- both well-known and up-and-coming -- to provide a double dose of inspiration. Welcome to Fashion #Fitspo.

The trainer/studio: One of my favorite new gyms in NYCCityRow,  can kick your ass on several different levels. In between rowing intervals, which get your heart rate way up, the instructors take class members through toning intervals on the mat. Nora once tried the class, and it's become a hit with local models, too. Annie Mulgrew (pictured above), CityRow's Program Director, makes rowing and sweating buckets feel like the most fun you've ever had, and no boutique gym could have a better walking advertisement for its method. 

The moves: I realize that probably no one reading this owns a rowing machine, so here Mulgrew offers three side plank options for your ab defining pleasure. Each one gets progressively more challenging, so work up to the harder moves when you're ready. Do 2-3 sets of 12 reps on each side for a ripped midsection.

Side Plank/Thread the Needle (works obliques, transverse abdominals, shoulders, stability):

• Get into a side-arm plank, with top leg slightly in front of the back leg. Your shoulder and upper arm should be in a straight line. 

• Lift out of your shoulder. You should be using your core to hold yourself up in the side plank. Engage your core during the whole move by imagining your belly button is being suctioned to your spine.

• Turn your body into a traditional flat plank while "threading" your upper arm under your body. Engage thighs the whole time.  

• Return to start. Repeat on other side. 

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Add a Weight:

• Do the same move as above, but this time add a weight. Mulgrew recommends 3-8 pounds, depending on your strength and fitness level. 

Add a Hip Dip:

• Proceed as above but this time dip your bottom hip to the floor after you "thread" the weight. Use your obliques to pull your hip back up. 

The clothes: Bree Chambers, a Parsons grad who has designed for Cynthia Rowley, Target and Kohl's, had her "A ha!" moment one day when she was coming home from yoga teacher training and felt like a "shlub." Thus, Nesh, an athleticwear line featuring high-tech fabrics, as well as loose, comfy pieces to get you to and from class, was born less than a year ago. 

Annie wears: Racer Stripe Legging, $130; Color Block V-Tee, $90; Geo Bralette (similar style), $82

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Photos/GIFs: Nina Frazier Hansen/Fashionista