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Fendi Will Make Over $1 Million on Its Karl Lagerfeld Doll

If you want to spend $1,685 on a glorified keychain, that's on you, homie.

When Cara Delevingne took the Fendi fall 2014 runway carrying a tiny, furry doll bearing the likeness of Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld, she pretty much stole the show.

So perhaps it's not entirely surprising that Karl Jr. has a long list of admirers -- 600 plus long, if this WWD story about the Fendi wait list for the charm is to be believed. (We're still waiting to hear back from a spokesperson.) That figure is even more impressive when you consider that the Karl charm -- made of scraps of black mink, silver fox, and just a sliver of goat fur -- rings in at 1,240€, or $1,685 or in plain English, too much effing money.

Let's do some quick math on this: If Fendi sells just 600 of these, assuming almost everyone on the wait list gets one, Fendi will makes something in the neighborhood of $1,011,000. Over 1 million dollars. From an oversized keychain. Made from scraps of fur. 

OK. Whatever.

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At any rate, with a 600+ wait list and a lucrative price tag, is it really surprising that Fendi will be throwing a party for the Karl charm? Because they are, at the brand's Avenue Montaigne boutique on Tuesday night.