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Alyssa's Skin-Saving Body Scrub

You've probably seen plenty of hype about this stuff, but the results live up to it.

There are certain beauty products that I read about in my day-to-day Internet scanning that seem to elicit nothing but gushing and positive reviews, and more often than not, I give them a try. One such product is an Australian exfoliant called Frank coffee scrub, which, according to its cult following of editors, bloggers and beauty experts, is a total game changer when it comes to smoothing your skin. 

In case the name didn't give it away, the all-natural scrub is made from coffee grinds, and since caffeine is known to stimulate circulation, it can help to remedy a number of skin conditions — including reducing the appearance of cellulite. While I love a good exfoliator, I'm often too lazy to dedicate the shower time required for a full body scrub, but as soon as I got my hands on a sample of this stuff, I cleared my calendar for a date with Frank.

I was totally smitten upon reading the product copy ("Hey babe, let's get dirty."), and then I covered myself in a few handfuls of the scrub. Be warned: It gets pretty messy, and my white shower was covered in dark brown coffee specks within minutes.

Once you apply, you're supposed to let the scrub dry on your skin for 10 minutes, and while I was doing so, my fiancé popped his head in to see what the hell I was doing. Instead of laughing at me, however, he told me I looked like one of those "model ladies" whose rear ends are strategically covered in sand for a photo shoot. Another point on the scoreboard for Frank.

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After the time passed and I rinsed, I immediately noticed how soft my skin felt, and the natural oils in the scrub moisturized without feeling greasy. No post-shower body lotion necessary. I must say, the coffee scent is a bit strong, and once I got into bed that night, the fiancé quipped that it smelled like we were sleeping inside of a Starbucks. (Which might not be the worst thing.)

Aside from being a little bit of a bummer to clean up — I'd suggest maybe applying it outside while wearing a bathing suit — I can't wait to get down and dirty with Frank again.

Frank coffee scrub, $14.99.