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A Simple French Twist for Short Hair

It's an everyday updo. Really.

I used to find French twists intimidating -- it seemed like a hairstyle one could only pull off on special occasions, when there's lots of time for corrections, or when in the hands of a professional. But during a fashion magazine internship in college I met a woman with shoulder length hair who managed to do a French twist every single day for work, and she made it her very elegant, very Audrey Hepburn-esque signature. And she swore it only took her five minutes.

Which is all to say, it can be done. (I've even managed it in 15-minute intervals myself.) And this YouTube tutorial shows you how. Although someone is doing the French twist on a model, it's easy to see how you can do it yourself. A word to the wise: I do recommend mussing and teasing your hair a little beforehand. It'll make the look a little less formal, and help you cover up any mistakes.

Bonne chance!

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