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Hot People Undress Each Other For 'First Kiss' Sequel, Burberry Shareholders Vote Against Bailey's Pay Package

Attractive people get naked. Happy Friday!

The maker of the viral "First Kiss" video is back at it again with a second installment of stranger-on-stranger action, this time called "Undress Me." And... oh my. You might consider not watching this at work — we should probably slap a NSFW label on it right now — because it is sex-ay. It's not an ad campaign for Wren this time around (alas), but rather a collaboration with "Masters of Sex," so that would explain things. {YouTube}

Burberry's shareholders have spoken out against the pay package that the company planned to Christopher Bailey in his new position as CEO, with 53 percent of investors voting against it as too exorbitant. The vote doesn't mean that Burberry has to change Bailey's compensation — it's non-binding — but it does mean that the company will have to reconsider its plans. {Bloomberg}

Maybe Gap's weak June sales results really weren't its fault after all. Retailers on a whole have been having a tough time of it this summer, putting much of their stock on markdown as consumers show a continued disinterest in shopping. According to one retail analyst, "Consumers are just not excited to get out and shop." {WWD}

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