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How I Make My Blowout Last an Entire Week

A day-by-day primer, complete with pictures to prove it's possible.

I never wash my own hair. The truth is, I'm a blowout addict. Yes, it’s expensive (even though I get to try many places for free because of my job) and yes, it's a huge luxury to never wash your own hair. But the time I save not worrying about my naturally unruly curls is worth the $40 and one-hour session. Most importantly, I know how to make it last. I never get a blowout more than once a week, and I can stretch my ‘do to 10 days sometimes. My boss once called me “the queen of blowout extensions” and it’s a crown I wear on my bouncy hair proudly.

One of the keys to making your blowout last is a really good shampooing. Lather, rinse, repeat and make sure the stylist really works the shampoo in. Nora, my hair stylist, is the best at this. I have gone other places where someone has delicately washed my hair, and I wasn’t able to make the blowout last as long. (If you go to Dry Bar, get the "Floater" -- it’s a head massage that feels divine and ensures you’re squeaky clean.)

So here’s the day-by-day breakdown for how I make a blowout last:

Day 1 and 2: Get ready to be shocked: Do not use any products.  Really. I know it’s hard to resist the deliciously scented serums and that it feels super glamorous with a hairspray cloud around you, but products won’t help if you’re in it for the long run; they just weigh your hair down, so I wait until day three to use any.

The week I did this story was really humid so I kept my hair pulled back in a tight bun as much as possible. (I got stuck in a downpour, too, which is a true test of my skills as the blowout whisperer.) At night, I sleep with my hair down.

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Day 3: You can now break your product fast. It’s dry shampoo time! I use a little in the morning, making sure to brush through afterwards. Sometimes I'll work it in with my fingers as well. I’ve tried almost every dry shampoo on the market, and currently I love this one from Pantene. It’s a Ten Miracle Dry Shampoo is another one of my favorites.

Days 4 and 5: Now it’s time to add in some dry conditioner, which is like fabric softener for your hair. Avoid the roots and only spray the ends – the opposite of dry shampoo technique, essentially. This one from Pureology smells like heaven, so it’s my answer to the perpetually asked question: “But doesn’t your hair smell?” No it doesn’t, because I use yummy-smelling products.

Day 6 and 7: Now you’re in the final stretch. In addition to the dry shampoo and conditioner, I will now use a volume spray or blast my hair with the blow dryer to add some volume. This is also when I might start to wear my hair in a half pony if I feel it’s not looking bouncy enough.

A note on going to the gym: I pull my hair back into a tight ballet bun, and then and as soon as I’m done working out I blow-dry my hairline if necessary. But its usually okay because I wear a headband like this one.

Congratulations, you've made it a week. Just imagine how great that shampoo is going to feel. 

Have any good blowout tips? Share them in the comments.