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'Into The Gloss' Designed Some Super Sleek Aviators For Warby Parker

Pro tip: Don't pair them with a bold lip.

Well established as a trusted resource for beauty tips and product recommendations, the editorial site Into the Gloss is finally angling to claim some of its fans' facial real estate for itself. Founders Emily Weiss and Nick Axelrod have teamed up with Warby Parker to create a pair of aviator sunglasses and wire frame prescription glasses, and we can confirm that, yeah, they're pretty damn fresh. They go on sale Thursday.

The Warby Parker and Into the Gloss teams met through mutual friends, hit it off and eventually got to talking about a collaboration, borne of the fact that Weiss and Axelrod could never find the perfect pair of aviators. 

"Sunglasses take up a humongous part of your face. People are always asking, 'How do I do beauty looks for glasses?'" Weiss says. "What about the glasses?" 

"The perfect aviator ends up being the most perfect pair of glasses, period, because it's the most versatile, and it can fit the greatest number of people's faces," notes Warby Parker co-founder Neil Blumenthal.

But designing them is tricky — it all comes down to proportion and small tweaks — and Weiss says the process involved many, many fittings. 

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"We both work in this world where the most minute details make a world of difference, and that's what we both took into this collaboration," Blumenthal says.

In photoshoots, both beauty looks and glasses require a tight crop on the model's face, requiring precision down to the millimeter. Prescription glasses are even more exacting in their design than sunglasses, since the eye needs to be perfectly centered against the lens for it to look right.  

Of course, the frames and the wearer's beauty look also need to work together (collaboration "Inception" right there). Weiss has some styling tips for that. 

"I've been really into skincare lately, so I think they're super cool with pared-down makeup, when they're not competing with a bold lip," Weiss says, adding that they're equally good with tousled beach hair and a smooth side part.

People say you can't buy cool. We wouldn't be so sure.