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Steff's Good Vibes Sweatshirt

One easy way to attain serenity now.
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When you live in New York for a long time, it's easy to become jaded, anxious and pessimistic about life in general. I mean, I was already all of those things as an angsty suburban teenager, so my years of city life have only made it worse. 

My coping mechanism is to take a page from the most pessimistic (albeit fictional) New Yorkers, Jerry, Kramer, George and Elaine, and chant "serenity now" on a regular basis. But I'm starting to think that this J.Crew sweatshirt with "Say Yes" emblazoned on the front will get the positivity job done, too. 

It's perfect for wearing to a margarita happy hour ("Yes, I would  love a refill!"), a Barney's warehouse sale ("Yes, I'll take the Alaïa booties!") or on a date with a cutie ("Yes, we can walk home together, *wink wink*"). Satisfaction guaranteed.

J. Crew "Say Yes" Sweatshirt, $65 at J. Crew

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