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Watch Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn Get Matching Tattoos

These two are our favorites of the fashion best friends.

It's been a while since model Jourdan Dunn has premiered an installment of "Well Dunn," her cooking show for Jay Z's site, Life + Times, but the newest episode features a heartwarming tale of friendship, tattoos and, to fit in with the theme of the show, Thai food.

After running into her best friend Cara Delevingne on the street (what a coincidence!), the models grab a bite to eat and decide to go get matching tattoos. While at the table, Delevingne shows off some of her famous ink, and explains the origin of her most talked-about tattoo: the "Made in England" stamp on the bottom of her foot. "I was going to get 'Made in Taiwan' because I thought it was funnier — I felt like a bit of a doll, a toy that was doing things for other people," she said.

As you've likely seen on Instagram, the girls decided to get double Ds on their hips as their own personal symbol of friendship. As the story goes, Delevingne once asked Dunn to marry her (for the record, she said yes) and the "DD" design came about after the realization that they'd have to double up their last names. 

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As they got inked, the duo sweetly sang to each other and, naturally, took plenty of iPhone footage to capture the special occasion. These two are truly hilarious, and their lighthearted adventures have earned them the top spot on our list of fashion best friends. Let's be real, they make Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift's relationship look pretty vanilla.