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Judy Greer Goes Smartly Ethereal in Suno

Learn how to channel your inner goddess without going full-on hippie.

Let's all take a moment to reflect on how wonderful Judy Greer looks at the premiere of her new television show, "Married," in Los Angeles. (Also, let's just remember how wonderful Judy Greer is in general.) In a red and blue Suno dress and red, strappy Stuart Weitzman sandals, Greer manages to combine two summertime style vibes that are usually incompatible: the ethereal fairy and the savvy city girl.

Her wispy braid and the loose, ruffled silhouette of the Suno dress give her outfit a free-spirited feel, while the pattern of the dress and the clean accessories counter the boho style, making her look more polished for the red carpet. Overall, this is how we'd like to look at our TV show know, should anyone ever make that happen. And for the record, we'd like Greer to play Eliza

P.S. You can scoop up the blouse version of Greer's dress on Net-a-Porter to try your own take on her look. 

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