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Kit Harington Broods for Jimmy Choo, Megan Fox Talks Sex Appeal, Diane Kruger Dishes Style Secrets


Jimmy Choo has released the first image and video of Kit Harington (aka Jon Snow in the hit show "Game of Thrones") starring in the campaign for its new fragrance "Man." He looks as handsome and brooding as ever, but we're with Racked on this one -- not enough abs! You know nothing, Jimmy Choo. {Racked}

Megan Fox is looking mighty fine on the cover of Cosmo's August issue. The hot momma of two talks about why it's important for women to be in charge of their sexuality and the surprising person she finds sexy. {Cosmo}

Diane Kruger is one of our favorite style icons and we have spent many, many hours trying to crack her secrets for always looking so amazing. One of the keys to dressing a la Kruger? Forget about men. "I think most women dress for other women," she says. "It's easy to please a man, the shorter the skirt and the sexier the dress, they will most likely approve of your outfit." No kidding! {Harper's Bazaar}

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Get ready to LOSE YOUR SH*T at the adorableness happening on Rachel Comey's website right now. Kittens, you guys. KITTENS. {Rachel Comey}

In totally shocking news, Beyoncé has topped Forbes's list of most powerful celebrities. Who run the world? BEY. {NY Daily News}

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