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11 Barely-There Dresses to Wear in a Heatwave

For when you really just want to be wearing nothing.

When you start getting into those unbearably hot and humid days of summer, as many of us are now, you may start to feel like what you should be wearing is nothing.

Since that actually isn't an option (well, technically you can go topless in New York City, but we wouldn't recommend it if you have a job or want to be perceived as a normal person), the next best thing is an easy-to-throw-on dress that's made of a lightweight fabric, doesn't cling and consists of as little material as possible. Just make sure it doesn't reveal too much and isn't actually just a sheer swimsuit cover up (unless you are beach-bound).

Click through the gallery for 11 of the coolest options. Just add sandals and you're good to go.

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