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Jewelry Designer Lucy Folk Is Making a Name For Herself With Food

If you haven't heard of Lucy Folk, you won't be able to forget her after watching this.

Jewelry brands rarely get as much recognition and buzz as apparel brands. It's a crowded and somewhat limited space that's difficult to really stand out in. But every now and then a brand does and Lucy Folk is one of them.

The Australian jewelry and accessories designer launched her namesake line in 2007 and has gotten into stores like Colette in Paris, Matches and Harvey Nichols in the UK, and Nordstrom in the U.S. with her indomitably clever and quirky, food-inspired bling. Yep, she essentially turns food into jewelry and she does it really well, and with a little more subtlety than, say, Moschino or Chanel. Think gold rings shaped vaguely like Doritos, earrings that resemble cucumber slices (with pearls for the seeds) and friendship bracelets adorned with a silver or gold citrus fruit. It's product that speaks for itself, and makes having a strong brand identity a piece of cake (see what I did there?).

For Folk, the food thing is not a marketing scheme to get her brand kickstarted -- she says that food will always serve as a point of inspiration. "I live and breathe it! It will not always be so literal, but my passion will always be food."

The theme also lends itself well to film. For her latest collection, dubbed "Appeteaser," she teamed up with director Sophie Edelstein and production designer Lizzie Nanut on an awesomely bizarre short film that melds an '80s Guy Bourdin aesthetic with food, jewelry, hot girls (such as The Like's Z Berg) and a little bit of sexual innuendo. Let's just say things get weird. It represents Folk's brand ethos pretty perfectly in addition to being a good marketing tool. "As I live in Australia, it is hard to promote my brand internationally without a junket. Therefore a video was the perfect means to spread the Appeteaser love and make something that people will remember," she tells us. "I think its really important to take risks and make sure your branded content is worth remembering."

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We will definitely be remembering this. Watch it below.