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Hollister Taps Lucy Hale of 'Pretty Little Liars' for First Celeb Collaboration

It's one of the first steps in the retailer's branding overhaul.

I am far too old to be admitting this, but thanks to a few delightful days of binge-watching on Netflix, I am now a "Pretty Little Liars" devotee, and I will fully acknowledge that if I were currently in high school, I would be striving to look and dress exactly how the four lead Liars do on a daily basis. (Especially Ashley Benson, in case you were wondering.)

This sentiment is likely why the young ladies from the show have started to rack up endorsement deals: Benson was recently named as a face of H&M Divided, and has modeled for denim brand Bongo alongside her co-star Lucy Hale. Hale also just scored her first solo gig with Hollister – she'll be the retailer's first-ever celebrity collaborator.

Earlier this year, news came out that Abercrombie & Fitch Co., Hollister's parent company, has plans to rebrand the sister store as a fast fashion brand in order to better compete with retailers like Zara, H&M and Forever 21, along with online giants like ASOS. "Teen" retailers have been slow on keeping up with current trends, which has led to a slump in sales, but this could be Hollister's first step in the right direction.

The collection is inspired by the actress and country singer's off-duty wardrobe, and will include dresses, leggings, skirts and tops with an easy, So-Cal vibe. The first installment of the two-part collab hits stores on Aug. 8, and according to Hollister, is in very limited quantities. Fans went crazy when Aeropostale released a "Pretty Little Liars" line, so building some buzz and encouraging the show's rabid fans to flock to their nearest Hollister location could be just the thing it needs to get back on track. 

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