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Giant Prawns and French Francs Sparkle at Maison Martin Margiela Couture

Finally, a good reason to use that prawn emoji.

Maison Martin Margiela, run by an anonymous design collective -- though designer Matthieu Blazy has begun to come out of the shadows recently -- is typically known for being more experimental (and, now, a really over-used Kanye West lyric).

So it's interesting to see a collection that is actually kind of ... pretty? The shapes and concepts are still inventive, but there's an overtone of conventional beauty to the fall 2014 couture collection. Even many of the brand's signature face masks were rendered in a delicate black lace, which allowed the models' faces to show through.

It was a heavily embellished collection; French francs were smattered across dresses and skirts, and one particularly interesting number involved a completely beaded bodice in the style of a Valentine. A giant, sparkly prawn draped across a shoulder was more Schiaparelli than the actual Schiaparelli couture collection.

One thing is for sure: This is a collection made to be viewed from all angles. Check it out here.

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Photos: Imaxtree