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Morgan Saylor Covers 'Asos,' Inside 'Get Off My Internets,' Alexa Chung Smokes in the Met

We definitely shouldn't say Alexa makes smoking look cool, right?

Morgan Saylor is a starlet on the verge of big things. Having graduated high school and finished up a stint on "Homeland," she's moved to Manhattan and has two new films coming out. Saylor covers Asos Magazine's September issue, and inside she discusses what it's like to come off a successful show and why she prefers to shop vintage. {Asos}

Have you ever "hate read" a blog? (Yes, come on, we all have.) Then your Internet mecca is Get Off My Internets, and Racked has the exclusive interview with the site's founder. "I just like to point and laugh at the absurdity of personal blogging as a career," she says. {Racked}

Feeling nostalgic? Stay away from stores. A new study shows that we spend more money when we're reminded of something from childhood or being surrounded by our loved ones. {JCR}

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