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Net-a-Porter Gives CEO an Amazing Early Send-Off

We just hope your boss isn't retiring anytime soon.

(To see the full video, head over to The Telegraph.)

When your boss retired, did you throw a small office party, maybe buy him or her a small gift? 

Well prepare to feel like a chump, because when Net-a-Porter CEO Mark Sebba showed up to work this week, having just announced his plans to retire after 11 years at the helm, the company threw him one hell of a bash -- and it wasn't even his last day. 

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The video above shows an unassuming Sebba arriving at Net-a-Porter's London offices. All the employees dressed in co-ordinated black and white outfits, some holding signs that say, "Mark Sebba Is the Man" and others holding up giant pictures of Sebba. 

It only escalates from there. He's lead into the office by a man singing Aloe Blacc's "The Man," where he passes by a full choir, acrobats, samba dancers and a mariachi band. Videos play from the company's foreign offices, including Manhattan and Hong Kong, and founder Natalie Massenet herself wraps things up by welcoming him to his desk and handing him a cup of coffee. 

Sebba's reaction to the whole thing? He looks very emotional, but when handed a mic, simply says, "Thank-you very much everybody. I am a bit overwhelmed but how about getting back to work?"

That's the stiff upper lip we've come to expect from the British.

Front page photo: David M. Benett/Getty