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Nicolette Mason Launches 'Girl Gang'-Themed Collaboration With ModCloth

Get ready to rejoice, ladies: This one comes in sizes XS through 4X.

Style blogger and fashion writer Nicolette Mason is launching her first full collaboration with retailer ModCloth this October -- and it all started over a shared love of filtered pup pics.

"I had connected with Susan [Gregg Koger], who is the co-founder of ModCloth, over Instagram," Mason tells Fashionista. "We both have pugs and we have a very similar approach to fashion and style, and ideas around diversity in fashion."

So what started as a casual proposition between friends became a real clothing line. And the best part? The line comes in sizes XS to 4X, covering an amazing range of body types. "My platform has never been just about advocating for plus sizes, it's been about saying that everyone, regardless of race or economic status or body type or body shape or gender expression, should be empowered to wear great clothing," Mason says.

Working with ModCloth, then, was "crucial" for her because the company could provide that sizing diversity. Mason, who studied at Parsons School of Design, took her sketches to the in-house team at ModCloth, which was able to tailor her sketches to the full range of sizes offered by the company.

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The concept of the line also fits into Mason's commitment to diversity in fashion. She was inspired by the idea of a girl gang in the style of the Pink Ladies and John Waters's films -- "all these really badass groups of girls who empower each other and who come together and support each other but who are also really, really different and brazen in their own ways." There are really femme pieces, like those Mason herself favors on her blog, which fit in right alongside the tailored, tuxedo-style pieces.

Right now, it's just planned as a one-off collaboration between the two, but for Mason, this is just the beginning. "I'm really excited about creating more collections, and I have a lot of ideas about bridal and wedding fashion and swimwear, so for me personally this feels like the first of many to come," she says. The concept of including women of every size is most important to her.

"I think the way that we shop, especially as girls and thinking of that initial inspiration of girl culture and girl gangs, we kind of shop with our friends, we shop in packs and it's a social activity for many people," Mason explains. "I think there's a desire to want to be able to shop with your peers and not be segmented, and not have to go to your own special section or go to your own special website, and also to be able to share the sources of fashion that you find."

The 11-piece line launches October 6.