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Alyssa's Nostalgia-Inducing Sweater

Who's up for a rousing game of MASH?

There are always those one or two looks that steal your heart during Fashion Week and, although you sadly can't buy them until six months down the road, you immediately start imagining what they'd look like paired with everything you own. 

This sartorial love story describes my relationship with a Rachel Antonoff sweater from her spring collection, which I've been lusting after since the moment I laid eyes on it in the brand's sickeningly cute presentation video. (If you've never seen it, we highly recommend you stop what you're doing and watch.)

The mint green color is one of my favorite shades, and it's embroidered with a classic game of MASH—you know, the one you played with your elementary school friends on the back of the bus in the hopes of predicting the eventual outcome of your life. Even if you don't end up living in a mansion in Paris working as a designer with a pet giraffe (pipe dreams), owning this sweater will likely make you just as happy. 

Sammy sweater, $250, available at Rachel Antonoff.

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