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Rachel Comey Launches a Cat-Cam!

With adoptable kittens!

When Rachel Comey's website debuted a livestream of two tortoiseshell kittens and their mom earlier this week, we had to take a brief recess in the office to obsess over the squee. (As you may remember, we sort of have a thing for cats....)

Like any good reporters, we had to know more about the adorable feline family, so we reached out to the brand to get more information. 

A rep for Comey emailed us back explaining how they came to start the cat-cam: "The kittens were found by a friend of ours in Brooklyn. She just moved into a new building, and in between her building and the next there is a fenced off area where they keep the trash bins. She discovered the newborn kittens and the mom [there] and had been keeping an eye on them for a few weeks. She got in touch with me to see if there was anything we could do, especially as they kept growing, they were able to venture out more and [were] at risk of getting hurt or going into the street."

We will pause here to let your heart melt a little bit. 

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Like any good samaritan, Comey and her team came to the cats' rescue. They took the felines in to their studio and decided to host a livestream of them being adorable on the Rachel Comey website to boost awareness about the cats and try to get them adopted. 

The kittens are about six weeks old and the mom is about one year old. If you're interested to adopt any or all of the cats, please email! C'mon wouldn't your life be a little better with a feline friend?

Front page photo: Abujoy