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We Want to Wrap Ourselves in Rad Hourani's Second Couture Collection

It was appealingly cozy.

Rare is the garment with Rad Hourani's label that isn't black or white, and the designer stayed true to form with a nearly all-black couture collection, shown in Paris on Wednesday. Hourani is a standout among his peers at Haute Couture Fashion Week for being the only unisex designer on the calendar, as well as Canadian-educated.

Gone were the theatrics (i.e., the silver masks) Hourani employed for his January debut: His second couture show focused on the clothes, and they seemed much more wearable than those shown in the past. Obi belts and slim wool trousers look good on both sexes, and Hourani showed many variations of both. Obi belts appeared on coats of all cuts -- from a sleeveless vest to a classic wrap -- and were sometimes tied around the waist, other times around the chest. As we said, the collection was nearly all-black, but silver stitching offered a bit in the way of pattern, and olive green also made an occasional appearance.

All in all, it was a cozy, wearable collection, with garments that seem very appealing to wrap yourself in once the temperatures turn chilly.

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